About Us

"To make a lovable school, industrious, inventive, liveable, documentable and communicable, a place of research, learning, recognition and reflection, where children, teachers and families feel well - is our point of arrival."  - Loris Malaguzzi 


Imperial Academy, founded in 2010, believes that all children are capable individuals with great potential that blossoms at early ages. We provide a wide range of after-school classes and activities aiming to facilitate children's Multiple Intelligence development. We emphasize the role of the learning environment and the different ways that children express themselves which matches with Reggio Emilia Approach. We aim at providing children in Asia an enjoyable and enlightening journey towards English Language acquisition and developing a lifelong appetite for knowledge. Our learning centre has based in a district with both top and well known local and international schools in Hong Kong for over 10 years. We are on a plan to start a Reggio Emilia inspired kindergarten in our community and a few more branches in the city.


自2010年起,Imperial Academy 一直深信每位孩子都是有能力的個體, 擁有無限潛能。透過提供各式各樣的課餘班及活動,Imperial Academy 幫助孩子在幼兒初期得以發揮他們的才能和潛能,在未來發亮發光