Nurturing Young Minds: Your K1 Child's Writing Journey Begins Here

⭐✍️ Nurturing Young Minds: Your K1 Child's Writing Journey Begins Here ✍️⭐

✍️Building Blocks of Early Writing ✍️

Understanding the fundamental skills in early writing is crucial, as these are the pillars upon which literacy is built. Our esteemed teaching team emphasises that nurturing a young writer involves focusing on several key areas:

Sentence Construction: The ability to form coherent thoughts into sentences is a crucial aspect of writing, paving the way for effective communication (Whitehurst & Lonigan, 1998). 

⭐ Vocabulary Building: A robust vocabulary enables children to express their ideas with clarity and richness (Beck, McKeown, & Kucan, 2002). 

Fine Motor Skills: The physical act of writing requires the development of fine motor skills, which are honed through activities like drawing and play (Cameron et al., 2012). 

Spelling: Early spelling skills are rooted in phonological awareness and letter-sound knowledge, which are integral to reading and writing (Ehri, 2005). 

We recommend beginning with Speaking, Artful Adventure, and Story sessions to lay a strong foundation in these areas. As your child grows, our K2 Phonics curriculum will introduce more advanced spelling concepts, and creative writing will become a focus in the K3 Phonics and Reading courses. 


enlightened Tailored Courses for K1 Learners enlightened
Now that we understand the building blocks, let's look at how our courses are designed to develop these skills in a fun, engaging way.

yesStory (K1 Reading) 
- Pre-reading Skills: Engage with stories to make sense of language in its natural flow. 
- Vocabulary Building: Expand your child's word bank with each new story they explore. 

- Letters and Sounds: Introduce the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter. 
- Phonological Awareness: Develop the ability to recognise and articulate different sounds. 

- Communication Skills: Foster the ability to express thoughts and participate in meaningful conversations. 
- Sentence Construction: Use exciting activities to teach children how to build sentences. 

yesArtful Adventure 
- Fine Motor Skills: Use art to strengthen the little muscles needed for writing.
- Aesthetic Development: Blend the beauty of art with language for comprehensive learning. 


enlightenedInclusive Education for SEN Learners enlightened
A Learning Space for All  Our commitment to inclusive education means we have SEN specialists who are dedicated to supporting each child's unique learning needs. Informed by insights from parents, we ensure that every child receives the support they need to succeed. 


enlightenedA Journey of Discovery and Growth enlightened
Whether it's through storytelling, phonics, or creative expression, our courses are designed to cultivate your child's literacy in an environment that is as nurturing as it is educational. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning, creativity, and the joy of writing.