Our Team

Our Team

The assembled team of qualified academic specialists below organises the educational structure of Imperial Academy.  Under the firm foundations of such professionals, they provide secure and quality education for our students. All our teaching and supporting staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the education industry. We have a proven track record for innovation and creativity, while creating impressive and remarkable experiences for pupils from their early years.



下列团队的合资格学术专业人员组成Imperial Academy的教育架构,有如此专业的人员组成稳固的基础,为我们的学生提供可靠优质的教育。本中心所有教学及支持人员均拥有丰富的知识及经验,在教育界可谓无与伦比。本中心的创新及创造力往绩有目共睹,为幼龄学生提供深刻及独特的经验。


Jessica Lai

Deputy Head Teacher - 副班主任


Tommy Walker

Recruitment Team- 招聘组