Summer Project Camp

Project Learning 專題研習

Project work, or ‘progettazione’ in Italian, is an integral part of the curriculum at Reggio Emilia schools for multi-age groups, starting as early as around two years old. Applying the fundamental principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, Imperial Academy provides students, aged three to ten, an innovative and well explored pedagogical method to learn about the world and the way to express themselves. During the project work, our students proceed from exploration to representation, which has a positive impact on their development.

專題研習,或在義大利語中稱之為「 progettazione」 , 是Reggio Emilia 學校的混齡課程的組成,從兩歲開始。應用Reggio Emilia的教學原則, Imperial 為3至10歲學生提供一種融匯各種學科而廣泛探討的教學方法,讓小朋友了解世界以及表達自己。在專題研習學習中,我們的學生從探索、吸收到表達、分享,正面地促進他們的發展。


Features and Elements 特點和元素

Based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, there are a number of features and elements found in our  projects. 

根據Reggio Emilia 教學理念,我們的專題研習包含多種特點和元素。


1. “Learning is not the transmission of a defined body of knowledge” - Carla Rinaldi and Peter Moss "學習不是傳遞一體成形的知識"- 卡拉·里納迪和彼得·莫斯
Learning, playing and creativity comes together. Students construct their own knowledge through different experiences.

2. The Hundred Languages of Children 小朋友的一百種語言
Students use various ways to show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity. Teachers encourage cognitive learning through drawing, modelling, building, etc.  Each one of these Hundred Languages must be valued and nurtured. 

3. Teachers as co-learners and collaborators 老師作為共同學習者和協作者
Students explore different themes related to their daily lives to under the teacher’s guidance. Teachers listen to, observe and document students' achievement, learning and development. 

4. Environment as the third teacher 環境作為第三位教師
Reggio Emilia approach encourages multi-dimensional and multichannel interactions with the environment. Students’ learning experience is enriched in a classroom that is open, comfortable and welcoming. 
Reggio Emilia 教學方法鼓勵與環境進行多角度和多元素交互作用。小朋友的學習體驗在開放、舒適和充滿支持的環境裡更加豐富。

Previous Projects 過往的專題研習