Our Approach

Image of Child
We believe in the rights and opinions of each child. Every child is a competent, capable and natural curious being with the desire for knowledge and life and is always ready for challenges.

兒童的形像 – 我們深信每個孩子都有權利及自已的選擇。每個孩子都是卓越能幹,天生好奇的物類,渴求知識,熱愛生命,勇於面對挑戰。



Stimulative Environment
Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we emphasize the role of the environment as a third teacher. By using natural materials and natural lights, we promote learning, physical development and exploring the world.

具啟發性的環境 – 我們奉行Reggio Emilia的教學方法,非常着重環境,它就是第三位老師。透過利用天然物料及自然光,我們推動孩子學習,促進他們的身體發展及探索世界。



Parent Involvement
Parents are valued as participants in their children’s growing and learning process. Their trust and support gives their children a sense of security and is deeply appreciated.

家長的參與 – 在孩子的成長及學習過程中,家長的參與是非常重要。他們參與課堂可讓孩子有安全感,我們非常歡迎。



Formative assessment is integrated into the children’s learning and development process. Our passionate practitioners observe children to understand their achievements, interests and learning style to not only shape their learning experiences but to respond to parents and caretakers’ sharing. Reports on children’s learning progress and development are given out at the end of each term.

評估 – 我們在孩子的學習及發展過程中加入促進學習的評估。我們充滿熱忱的從業員會悉心觀察孩子,了解他們的成績表現、興趣及學習風格,不但藉此調控他們的學習經驗,還會就家長及照顧者所給予的意見作出相應調節。每個學期完結時我們均會發出關於孩子學習進度及發展的報告。




Globally Recognised Curriculum 
Nursery & Preschool and Kindergarten
We implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the UK National Curriculum, which covers the following areas of learning:
The Prime Areas 
- Communication and Language;
- Physical Development; and
- Personal, social and emotional development;

The Specific Areas 
- Literacy;
- Mathematics;
- Understanding the world; and 
- Expressive arts and design.

A wide variety of activities are designed based on the monthly topic, including learning objectives in different areas of learning, children’s interests and needs and the early learning goals that are developmentally appropriate.


全球公認的課程 – 我們推行英國國民教育課程(the UK National Curriculum)的幼年基礎階段(the Early Years Foundation Stage),涵蓋以下學習範疇:
-       溝通及語言;
-       身體發展;以及
-       個人、社會及情緒發展;

-       讀寫能力;
-       數學;
-       認識世界;以及
-       表達藝術及設計。