Toddler Playgroup

Imperial Academy Nursery aims at providing babies, toddlers and young children a simulative environment where they are encouraged to build confidence while promoting healthy development and pure enjoyment.

Imperial Academy 幼兒園的宗旨是為嬰兒、幼兒及幼童提供一個具啟發性的環境,鼓勵他們建立自信,促進他們的健康發展及全情投入地快樂學習。


Stage 1 - Toddler Playgroup
Suggested Age: 12 - 18 months old
Duration: 50-minute session, 2 times per week
Accompanied by 1 caretaker
Activities:  Sensory Play, Baby Fitness, Music and Movement, Nursery Rhyme

階段 1:幼兒遊戲小組
建議年齡:12 – 18 個月大
50-分鐘課節,每周 2次
由 1名照顧者陪同