Nursery & Preschool

Imperial Academy Nursery aims at providing babies, toddlers and young children a stimulative environment where they are encouraged to build confidence while promoting healthy development and pure enjoyment.

We implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the UK National Curriculum, which covers the following areas of learning:
The Prime Areas 
- Communication and Language;
- Physical Development; and
- Personal, social and emotional development;

The Specific Areas 
- Literacy;
- Mathematics;
- Understanding the world; and 
- Expressive arts and design.

A wide variety of activities are designed based on the monthly topic, including learning objectives in different areas of learning, children’s interests and needs and the early learning goals that are developmentally appropriate.


Stage 0: Baby Playgroup
Suggested Age: 6 – 11 months old

Stage 1: Toddler Playgroup
Suggested Age: 12 – 18 months old

Stage 2: Nursery
Suggested Age: 19 – 24 months old

Stage 3: Preschool
Suggested Age: 25 – 36 months old



Imperial Academy 幼兒園的宗旨是為嬰兒、幼兒及幼童提供一個具啟發性的環境,鼓勵他們建立自信,促進他們的健康發展及全情投入地快樂學習。

全球公認的課程 – 我們推行英國國民教育課程(the UK National Curriculum)的幼年基礎階段(the Early Years Foundation Stage),涵蓋以下學習範疇:
-       溝通及語言;
-       身體發展;以及
-       個人、社會及情緒發展;

-       讀寫能力;
-       數學;
-       認識世界;以及
-       表達藝術及設計。


階段 0:嬰兒遊戲小組
建議年齡:6 個月至 11 個月

階段 1:幼兒遊戲小組
建議年齡:12 個月至 18 個月

階段 2:幼兒​​​​​​班
建議年齡:19 個月至 24 個月

階段 3:學前班
建議年齡:25 個月至 36 個月