Animal Kingdom Ball

Animal Kingdom Ball

Date: 27/10 (Fri)

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

這一天,Imperial 小朋友都穿着自己喜歡的衣服,來到森林王國舞會共同合作完成不同的挑戰,奪回王國。他們完美的裝扮成功加入舞會,每個人都閃耀著自己獨特的風采。小朋友們身穿華麗的舞會服飾,散發出自信和美麗的光芒,彷彿成了森林王國的明星。



On this day, the Imperial children all dressed in their favorite clothes and came to the Forest Kingdom ball to collaborate and complete various challenges to reclaim the kingdom. They joined the ball in perfect attire, each one shining with their unique charm. The children wore splendid ballroom outfits,  radiating confidence and beauty, as if they were the stars of the Forest Kingdom.

They worked together, overcoming the challenges of the maze and finding the secret path to the palace. Encouraging each other and never giving up, they successfully solved one difficult problem after another, gaining valuable experience and friendship along the journey.  During the ball, the children designed exquisite bags filled with various small gifts and surprises. They used these bags as tokens to find each other, deepening their connections and friendships.

Finally, through unity, wisdom, and courage, the children successfully defeated the evil queen and saved the Forest Kingdom. They were cheered and praised by the people of the kingdom, becoming true heroes. This was a Forest Kingdom ball full of joy, adventure, and friendship, and the children will always cherish the wonderful experience and unforgettable moments. ❤️