Outing: Kai Tak East Park





Yesterday, Imperial Children and teachers  embarked on a super joyful outdoor activity! We went to Kai Tak East Park, ready to participate in the first spring playtime event. 

Firstly, children couldn't wait and rushed to the swings, spinning and swinging with laughter.  They also blew out strings of colorful bubbles, and whenever a bubble floated into the sky, they would chase after it, hoping to catch it in their hands. This feeling of happiness is truly intoxicating!  The rocking chairs were like little boats, and children sat on them, swaying with the motion, as if they were cruising in the sea, fully enjoying the delightful sensation.

The teacher also led them to challenge the balance beam. They stepped onto the beam, bravely moving forward with the teacher's assistance. Each step was filled with excitement and nervousness,  but most importantly, everyone successfully completed the challenge! It was truly a moment of great pride. 

Throughout the entire activity, we felt the essence of spring and enjoyed a delightful time. ☘️⭐️