Outing: Kowloon City Public Library

Imperial 圖書館學習日

昨天,Imperial 的小朋友來到了九龍城公共圖書館,他們在這個知識的寶庫中展開一場奇幻的冒險。




Imperial Library Learning Day

Yesterday, imperial children visited the Kowloon City Public Library, embarking on a fantastical adventure within this treasure trove of knowledge.

The teachers began by guiding them through every corner of the library, introducing the various types of books and their purposes. Afterwards, the children were given the opportunity to choose their favorite books and find a cozy corner to begin reading. They delved into the sea of books, searching for stories that captured their interest, and read with intense focus, occasionally revealing blissful smiles.

During the reading process, the children asked questions and engaged in discussions. The teachers also encouraged them to unleash their imagination and connect the story content with their own life experiences. They shared the books they were reading, exchanging thoughts and fostering a thirst for knowledge among one another.

Through this library visit, we witnessed the children's eagerness for knowledge and their passion for learning. They not only expanded their breadth of knowledge but also cultivated an interest in reading and developed good learning habits.